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Discover your Story & Connect to the Spirit of your Place of Origin

RootStories & Healing through Creativity

A space where you can reconnect with your roots, your story, and your place in the world through creative storytelling.

My Story

Personal Development Coach & Mentor

I have a BA in Child Psychology from the George Washington University and a MA in Engaged Humanities & Creative Life with an emphasis in Depth Psychology and Jungian theories and principles from Pacifica Graduate Institute. My main focus is to help women immigrants tell their birth stories and connect with the spirit of their place of origin so they can embrace their identity and heal past wounding and trauma. I work with creative, depth psychological practices such as: storytelling, archetypal energy, active imagination, collage making, dream analysis, poetry, movement through dance & theater, art, music, and myth.



Friedrich Nietzsche

"Amor Fati - Love your Fate, which is in fact your life."

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