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Jungian Podcasts

If you are interested in listening to some remarkable Jungian analysts on various topics, be sure to check out Speaking of Jung.

Understanding mythology- Truth or Fiction?

If you are looking for a great magazine to understand various topics on mythology, then look no more. I recommend checking out the Parabola magazine. Myths are stories that are written to make sense of our world.


Archetypal Symbolism

Symbols according to Jung "implies something unknown, vague, or hidden from us" They come from our unconscious and manifested in our daily lives through our dreams, animals, plants, geometric forms, objects, art, etc. They are charged with meaning and archetypal energy.

Top 10 Book Recommendations

Take a trip in the pages of a book

Check out a list of some of the best books I read in my Masters program of Engaged Humanities & Creative Life at Pacifica Graduate Institute. The topics ranged from myth, creativity, Jung's life, and theories, how to use fiction for healing yourself, finding your calling, and more.

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